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to take hundreds of base points out of the cost structure. >> what did you cut? >> using technology a little bit better so we could deploy labor more efficiently in the stores. we've looked at using technology in other store operating activities that we do at the store, and we've also taking about 35% out of what we call administrative line in order to bolster our bottom line. if you wrap that all in a package and look at what we're looking at for 2013, that is our year of profitability. >> what is your average ticket for customer compared to other quick-service restaurants? >> it's very similar to something you would expect at a quick service like a starbucks or coffee shop restaurant. >> you've never disclosed that figure? >> we haven't. auvs, average unit sales, is about $700,000, $750,000. >> we're going to let rich throw in the last question. >> since i work for a guy who's somewhat famously gone after ultra large sized soft drinks, i'm surprised the calorie count of some of the smoothies. is there anything you can do or are doing to try and make that a little bit less impactfu
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1